Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Town

Now for something completely different.

I have lived in Greenville North Carolina since 1997 (damn I've been here for 15 years).  That's a long time and defiantly wouldn't have expected that when I first drove down highway 264 with my car packed on my way to Aycock dorm which would be my home for many years.

Having lived in one place for a long time you tend to take things for granted and twice this week I have had Greenville surprise me.

First one was when Jenn and I were going into the mall and both of us noticed what a pretty scene it was.  While walking through the mall I kept thinking how I need to take a picture of it and figure out a way to blog about it.  Don't think I took the best picture here but it is.

On Monday while driving down a road I hardly ever go down I start passing these crazy iron structures.  They were so cool I took Jenn down the road later that night and on Tuesday instead of going home I went and walked up and down the street and took pictures of these amazing works of art.  If you live in Greenville these are on Dickinson close to downtown.

I hope I did these justice.  Really are something to see in person to see close up the random objects used to create these works of art.

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