Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So I have a question, what is your stack?  How high is it and how long has it been sitting there?  I have multiple stacks and I feel they will never be cleared because I keep adding to them.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, stack is your stack of books, movies, chores, project cars, pinterest stuff, whatever.  
Mine is daunting.  It stresses me out and if I didn't love it so much I would just get rid of it.  I have multiple stacks, all which are pretty high at the moment and they all are glaring at me jumping up and down screaming pick me like I'm the doorman to some New York nightclub.  Just the other day Jenn and I were looking at our dvd stack and she says

"uhm Patrick you got Inception two Christmas's ago and before you got it kept saying how you couldn't wait to see it again and how amazing it was yet here it sits unwatched"

I'm sure everyone has these dvds but we probably at least ten.  I have no explanation why this is just like I don't know why I have the same three movies sitting on the bluray player from blockbuster (yes I still use blockbuster, it's stockholm syndrome) that I couldn't wait to get and now that they are here, I haven't been in the mood to watch them.

Above is my stack of books to be read, give or that a few that I have read but somehow made it back to the to be read file.  They do not include the other two Hunger Games books I still need to read or the Nick Hornsby book I'm currently reading.  Below it my stack of last 2 weeks of comics I still need to read and Wednesday is coming quick and I think it's going to be a big week. (Side bar few will understand: Byran K Vaughn is back this week!!!  This book will not make it to the stack and will be read on Wednesday.)

To sum it up our dvrs are always full and games are not being played.  That's just the fun stuff.  I have a stack of things that need to be done to my car, stack of things to write about and one closet that is stacked so high I'm worried it's going to kill me every time I open the door.

I know I'm not the only one, I'm sure all of you have stacks surrounding you.  My question is why do we do this to ourselves.  Why do I keep buying books when I have enough to probably last me year?  I haven't finished Sons of Anarchy season 3 yet I really wanted to buy Game of Thrones dvds this weekend. Why?  Does your stack stress you out like it does me?  Do you feel guilty for having a life because your stacks are sitting at home missing you?  Have you ever wanted to quit your job just so you have time to get through your stacks?  No? That would be crazy talk right?  Seriously how can I add to my stacks if I don't have a job to paid for it.

Enough of my sharing what are your stacks and how to you cope with them?


  1. I have books to read on bookshelves that have so much dust/pollen on them I don't know the titles. Talk about lame. momma

  2. I'm sure having a kindle isn't helping the situation.