Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

I am sure right now most people are traveling to, getting ready for, standing in line, holding a table for a Super Bowl Party.  Me, I'm sitting in my house by myself listening to the dryer/dish washer typing this blog for two reasons.  One: I have challenged myself it write a blog few times a week.  Two: Figure out why I hate Super Bowl parties. 

I love football.  Favorite times of year are ECU Pirate football on Saturday and Dolphins/Panthers football on Sundays.  I grew up watching football and playing it on the streets of Arran Lake.  While most people learn football from their fathers, I learned from my mom.  My dad enjoys football and watches a lot of it, but my mom loves it.  I grew up listening to the stories of them at football games and some lady screaming how much she hated Joe Namath and when he got hurt and was carried out, the same lady screaming "we love you Joe".  The stories of when they lived in Washington DC area and people cussing them out because of the Dolphins license plates.  The countless stories of the 1972 team and how the 1973 team was better. I could go on and on.

While at lunch today Jenn was going though the Super Bowl games to see if I could name which teams they were (I did really bad.  How is it that I remember Kansas City was in first Super Bowl and not Green Bay? WTF)  As she went on I remembered the first Super Bowl I really remember watching 1991 Giants-Bills where Giants won with a field goal.  I remember Mom, Joe and I screaming like we were Giants fans for 10 years.  I remember the next day when teacher ask who won and how I was the one who answered the question.  Not sure why I remember that one and not the year before or after. 

First year of college I went to first Super Bowl party and everyone was excited we are going to eat, drink and watch football.  I remember sitting though the game bored.  Nobody cared about the game but how dare you talk during a commercial.  Figured it was the people I was with.  Every year was the same and many I don't really remember.  There was the Titans almost come back where my friend Rhett missed it because he left to drive home early.  There was the first Patriots SB where I actually went for them (only if I knew what was to come) because I was sick of hearing how great the Rams were.  The Carolina SB which was fun because I was at my brothers with best friend Tony and people cared about the game.  But I do remember talking to my mom about that Titans Super Bowl and standing outside of Aycock dorm trying to figure out why we are going to actually cheer for the Patriots and all the convos after the game.

For the most part for the last 15 years I have watched Super Bowl with people that don't care about watching the game. They care about all the food, drinking, commercials, catching up with friends, etc, etc.  Me I just wanna watch the game and don't wanna be bothered with everything else....

Unless that person who wants to have that Super Bowl party is my mom because that is the only Super Bowl party worth having and if I don't do that rather stay home and yell and scream at the TV in peace.

Now you may be asking yourself, "umm hey dummy what don't you just go home for the Super Bowls?" 

That's a good question and my answer is that I'm an idiot and two, until today when I decided I needed to write about something and struggled to figure out what to write about I didn't realize what my Super Bowls have been missing.

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